Organic Seals & Labeling Requirements

Growers, processors, and handlers certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers may use the Baystate Organic Seal and/or the USDA Seal on their packaging as long as they are complying with the restrictions listed in the National Organic Standards sections 205.303-205.305. Certified operations do not have to use either seal.

Processors who are producing certified products that are 100% Organic or Organic may use the Baystate and/or the USDA seal. Processors producing products that are Made with Organic Ingredients may only use the Baystate seal and not the USDA seal. Processors producing products with less than 70% organically produced ingredients must not use either the Baystate or USDA seals.

For more information on label requirements:

USDA Organic Seal (high resolution GIF and black & white):

USDA Organic Seal

USDA Organic Seal BW




Certified organic operations may also find other formats for the USDA Organic seal at the NOP website link: USDA Organic Seals

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