Shipping to the EU and the TRACES system

Shipping to the EU and the TRACES system

As of April 2017, export certificates to the EU, formally known as EU Certificates of Inspection (COI), can be issued through the electronic EU TRACES (Trade Control and Export System) system. Full implementation of electronic COI’s is required by October 17, 2017 at which point hardcopy certificate will no longer be accepted by EU officials and importers.

This change is aimed at improving traceability, enhancing food safety, and reducing fraud. To comply with the new regulations, Baystate has registered with the EU to issue electronic COI’s through this new system.  We are currently awaiting full authorization by the EU.

To begin using the new system, Baystate certified exporters planning on shipping to the EU after October 17th must request an “Operator” role within the EU TRACES system, which Baystate will approve once notified by the system. Once approved as an “Operator”, the certified operation is responsible for beginning the electronic COI request for each shipment destined for the EU, and entering all the required shipment details. Baystate will receive a notification of this request through the system and process it accordingly. The system will then automatically send the electronic COI to the first consignee within the EU

Currently (until October 17th), a physical COI will also need to be sent with the shipment, or directly to the importer. The EU will implement fully electronic certificates on October 17th.  The first step in implementing this system is to register for the an EU Login here:  You will then be directed on how to request on “Operator” status.

If you have any questions on the EU TRACES system or international shipping/exporting in general, please contact Eric Hanson at 401-835-2210 or email him at