Finding Approved Materials for Use on Organic Farms and Processing Facilities

The National List is the final arbiter of what substances may be allowed in organic crop, livestock, or processing operations. The current version of the National List may be viewed on the website of the National Organic Program. However, there are several resources that growers, livestock producers and processors may use as guidance documents in determining if a product is approved for use in organic production.

Finding Approved Materials

NOFA Bulk Order: Baystate Organic Certifiers works with the NOFA chapters in Massachusetts and Connecticut to verify that all substances on the bulk order are approved materials. All products on the current Bulk Order List have been reviewed and are compliant with the Standards for use on organic operations.

BOC List of Regional Compost, Potting Soil, and Fertilizer Providers: click HERE

Allowed Mulches (including Biodegradable Mulch)

Salt and Preservatives

Cleaners and Sanitizers

OMRI Listed Products - OMRI maintains lists of generic and brand name materials that are approved for use in organic operations. These lists are mailed to certified producers to use as guidance documents, but they may also be searched on their website.