Forms for Handlers & Processors

Am I a handler? Any operation engaged in the business of selling, processing or packaging agricultural products, except for final retailers, is considered a handler. Retailers can request organic certification, but they are not required to do so under the Organic Standards. Most organic products pass through the hands of at least one handler. Only certified organic handlers may handle organic products. Handling includes many types of activities including roasters, manufacturing plants, food processors, re-packers, co-packers and warehouses.

For NEW Applicants: Manual and Application Forms for New Handlers (Processors)

For RENEWING operations: Forms for Renewing Handlers (Processors)

Body & Personal Care Products

Baystate Organic Certifiers accepts applications for certification of body care, personal care and cosmetic products to the Organic Standards, per the policy memo 11-2 Certification of Agricultural Products, available on the NOP’s website. Body care, personal care and cosmetic applicants use the same forms as other organic processors. If you have questions about personal care products call Duncan Cox at (978) 745-6207 or email at