Forms: Manual and Applications for New Handlers (Processors)

The Program Manual and Application Forms may be downloaded below. Unless otherwise noted, forms are in Microsoft Word (.docx). If you have any issues with navigating or completing the forms, please contact one of the Baystate staff for assistance.

Baystate Program Manual

Hardcopies of the application forms are available free of charge upon request. 

Processing, Co-Packing & Handling Operations – DOWNLOAD all items

Most processing operations will use these forms including product manufacturers, produce handlers and co-pack operations.

Coffee Roasting Operations – DOWNLOAD all items

To certify coffee roasting operations, download these forms.

Traders, Importers, Distributors & Warehousing/Frozen Storage – DOWNLOAD all items

To certify a processed product at a co-pack operation that is already certified organic, products to be relabeled or resold without processing or repackaging, download these forms.

100% Certified Grass-Fed Processing – DOWNLOAD all items

To certify any organic processed products as 100% Grass-Fed, download these forms.

On-Farm Handling and Processing – DOWNLOAD all items

Farms that want to produce value added products labeled as 100% organic, organic or made with organic ingredients must submit an On-Farm Handling Plan in addition to their Organic Farm Plan and additional documents.

Supply Chain Additional Forms

Some suppliers and storage facilities that you might be using may claim to be exempt from being certified organic themselves. Please have them complete the Exempt Operation Affidavit so that you can submit it to Baystate Organic Certifiers as soon as possible. If you have any questions about whether any of the operations in your supply chain need this form, please contact Baystate.