Cost Share Reimbursement

Each state has federal money available to refund organic certification fees. Under this program, applicants may recover 75% of certification fees up to $750 total per scope of certification in any one year. For the purposes of this reimbursement, the certification year is defined as the period between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017.

For a quick printable "how-to" on what the cost share is and the process: Cost Share Reimbursement.

To learn more about organic certification cost share, please visit or to find your local FSA office: (Please note: Maine operations cannot apply through FSA but must apply directly.)

Cost Share Forms (listed by state)

Complete the form required for your state and send to the address listed on the form. Contact your state's Department of Agriculture for applications for states not listed below. If you are having difficulty applying for the reimbursement, please contact Lauren Lawrence at or (917) 957-0979 for assistance.

Florida Cost Share Application: FL 2017 Cost Share Application

Idaho Cost Share Application (see your local FSA office)

Illinois Cost Share Application: IL Cost Share Application

Maryland Cost Share Application: MD Cost Share Application

Massachusetts Cost Share Application: MA Terms of Conditions, W9 Form, and Electronic Funds Transfer Form; MA 2017 Application Form

Michigan Cost Share Application (see your local FSA office)

New Hampshire Cost Share Application: NH Cost Share Application

New Jersey Cost Share Application: NJ Cost Share Application

New York Cost Share Application: NYS 2017 Application Form; NYS 2017 Notice

North Carolina Cost Share Application (see your local FSA office)

Ohio Cost Share Application: OH Cost Share Application

Pennsylvania Cost Share Application: PA Cost Share Application

RI Cost Share Application: RI Cost Share Application

Vermont Cost Share Application: VT 2017 Cost Share Application

Virginia Cost Share Application: VA Cost Share Application

West Virginia Cost Share Application (see your local FSA office)