For Consumers


Baystate Organic Certifiers often gets calls about packaged agricultural commodities that are certified by BOC that state they are grown in a foreign country. We only certify crop production in the U.S. So, for those products that state they are grown in a foreign country, we are not certifying the crop - we are only certifying the packaging of the agricultural commodity in the United States. For all of these products, another accredited certifying agent has certified the crop production and BOC has verified the certification of the crop.

The National Organic Standards requires that certified agricultural commodities be certified at every step in the production process where the commodity is handled or packaged, and that the certifying agent for the final distributor be listed on the packaging. That is why frozen fruit or packed grain grown in South or Central America is listed as certified by BOC.

Baystate Certified Operations

The National Organic Program maintains a database of all organically certified operations including operations certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. The organic database of operations may be accessed here.