NOFA Organic Land Care Approved Materials List

Baystate Organic Certifiers is in charge of reviewing submitted products and providing NOFA OLC with a list of those that meet the “NOFA Standards For Organic Land Care, 5th Edition” for organic landscaping materials.

Fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, disease control products, herbicides and organic management tools or production aids that Baystate Organic Certifiers has found to meet the NOFA Standards for organic landscaping will appear free of charge on an Organic Landscaping Product list on the NOFA OLC website and be available to homeowners & professionals in the Northeast and beyond. Visit for more information.

All product reviews are good for a 24-month period. Product Listings must be renewed after 24 months except for OMRI approved products. OMRI product listings are good as long as your product remains on the OMRI Products List.

There are three different sets of application forms. Each set is for a different category of materials:

  • For OMRI approved materials, fill out THIS FORM
  • For non-OMRI approved fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, herbicides, or organic management tools or production aids, fill out THIS FORM
  • For compost production facilities, fill out THIS FORM

If you have products in two or more categories, please contact our office for instructions on what application forms you should fill out. If you have any questions, contact Don Franczyk by phone at (774) 872-5544 or by e-mail at