Application Forms – Handlers & Processors

ATTENTION: Application forms for 2020 will be posted by 11/8/2019. Please email Jillian Zeigler ( if you have any questions in the interim. 

Forms for Processors

NEW APPLICANTS: Manual and Applications
RENEWAL: Forms for Renewing Handlers (Processors)

On-Farm Processing

Farms that want to produce value added products labeled as 100% organic, organic, or made with organic ingredients must submit an Organic Handler Plan in addition to their Organic Farm Plan.  There is an On-Farm Processing Plan for organic farms.  Contact Don Franczyk at (774) 872-5544 or email to get the application forms for on farm processing.

Body & Personal Care Products

Baystate Organic Certifiers accepts applications for certification of body care, personal care and cosmetic products to the standards of the National Organic Program, per the policy memo 11-2 Certification of Agricultural Products, available on their website. Body care, personal care, and cosmetic applicants use the same forms as other organic processors. If you have questions about personal care products call Duncan Cox at (978) 745-6207  or email him at